About Us

Leeds University Union Science Magazine (LUUSci) is an award-winning (2013 Partnership Award for Innovation) online magazine. Having been established over a number of years now, the magazine has a newly elected committee and has undergone major updates, including a new website and the establishment of new collaborations with other scientific societies. LUUSci has also recently been inducted as an official LUU society, and so we will be offering extra support and benefits for members. Please join the magazine group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (@LUUSciMagazine) to keep up to date on new developments, plans for the year and for the future, and to allow you to see new articles, as well as new employability opportunities and advertisements from other societies. We are currently looking for writers from all levels, backgrounds and abilities (we have published articles from writers studying a huge range of subjects, from food nutrition to mathematics and music), and will guide you through a basic submission and editing process, offering as much support as possible. Writing for the society will expose your work both internally and externally, will give you excellent writing experience, and will look fantastic on your CV!

Please contact us at luscimagazine@gmail.com for more information and to register your interest in writing.


Popular Science Writing: Meet the experts

On the 8th March we hosted LUUSci’s second major writing and networking event. With talks by Sue Bowler, Myles Power and Sarah Venugopal, on topics ranging from how to get into editing to GMO protests! There was also pizza.                                      

Writing Workshop

To our first event we invited guest speakers Dr Pete Etchells, a lecturer at Bath Spa University and scientific writer from the Guardian, and Dr Catherine Walshe, a senior lecturer at Lancaster University and Editor-in-chief of the journal Palliative Medicine. Our two speakers spoke about writing popular science and in academia, finishing with a Q&A session.                                      

Writing Competition: 

We hold writing competitions for interesting pieces every semester. The winners receive cash prizes of £20 for 1st place, £10 for 2nd, and £5 for 3rd. The first competition’s winners, chosen by Pete Etchells, were announced at the first Writing Workshop.         

So come write for us, we’d love to work with you!